Modern Sequence Dancing

There are many dance competitions held throughout the year, they give competitors a chance to demonstrate their skills and accomplishments. Some dancers go on to bigger and better dancing, others do it for the fun and exhilaration of competing. However, there is another side to competing, the side that gives us the most up-to-date dances that you can enjoy and try in dance halls throughout the country.


Where can you learn these new dances?

At Dexter School of Dancing, we pride ourselves in teaching the winning dances from the many Inventive Dance Competitions that are held all over the country.  These sessions are on most Fridays at St Francis Scout Hall, Teasdale Gardens, Heaton.


Where can you practice these new dances?

Once you have learned the new dances, you might want to start perfecting the technique.  Our  Modern Sequence Club is held most Sundays at St Francis Scout Hall, Teasdale Gardens, Heaton.  It is the ideal place to practice new dances or maybe even request a dance you are trying to perfect.

Here are just some of the Dances we have taught over the years, (new and old).

  • Amethyst Waltz
  • Arizona Tango
  • Balantine Bossa Nova
  • Balmoral Blues
  • Black Pearl Tango
  • Blackwood Waltz
  • Blue Angel Rumba
  • Blue Topaz Foxtrot
  • Buckingham Quickstep
  • Caribbean Foxtrot
  • Charnwood Cha Cha
  • Engagement Waltz
  • Forever Foxtrot
  • Iris Quartz Foxtrot
  • Lace Agate Swing
  • Linden Foxtrot
  • Mahonia Foxtrot
  • Mambo Marina
  • Mayfair Quickstep
  • Miami Tango
  • Red Velvet Tango
  • Riverlin Rumba
  • Rosebud Rumba
  • Rumba Aquarius
  • Rumba Cascade
  • Rumba Louis Ann
  • Rumba Serenata
  • Sally Ann Cha Cha
  • September Waltz
  • Sheridan Saunter
  • Tango Arizona
  • Tattinger Tango
  • Gemini Rumba
  • Tiffany Saunter
  • Welcome Waltz
  • Westgate Tango

(Although we teach the new dances that come out, unfortunately, it is not possible for us to video these sequences due to copyright restrictions.  However, we are trying to keep our video library updated with those dances that are no longer restricted to copyright regulations.  Why not check out our YouTube site.)